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Etisal international Company is a leading provider of outsourcing solutions and services, especially in managing and improving the customer experience. That is through call centers in Saudi Arabia and managing and improving the experience and support of employees. The company believes that it can provide the best experience to its customers and partners. The perfect experience is achieved by the company’s market experience and the experience of its accumulated team (which cumulatively exceeds 300 years in various reference areas) and by applying the most important standards and principles of managing and improving global experience.

Etisal international Company can also provide a range of services that contribute to enriching the experience of its customers. This is achieved through the efforts of a professional Saudi team. It has several modern practices and advanced technical solutions in the field of effectively managing call centers. Outsourcing with various requirements our customers need in a range of sectors (such as banks, government organizations, telecommunications, etc.). In addition to providing a roadmap for the projects and professional services that are provided to them.

Our Distinguishing Factors

Successes in the Areas of Experience and Growth

Etisal International Company's successes in the field of attribution and outsourcing through call centers. In addition to the employee experience through a large attribution. Through its attribution, it has been able to transform many government organizations, semi-government sectors, large companies, as well as various facilities of the private sector.The company's successes in the field of attribution led to long-decade contact management of up to 18 years. Fortunately, through the professional work that led to record numbers of customer satisfaction (up to 99%). In addition to advanced numbers in addressing the problems facing beneficiaries, exceeding global numbers.

Experience Accumulated in the Areas of Experience and Growth

The accumulated experiences of the Etisal International Company management and its team in the areas of management and improvement of experience and other areas of support in the Kingdom. The company is run by a professional team of qualified Saudis with various experience certificates. They also have practical experience in applying the standards of these certificates through their management of many projects in the fields of support and call centers in various sectors, as this accumulated experience exceeds 300 years.

Readiness to Improve Experience and Growth

Etisal international Company seeks to make the management of the various attribution projects, experiment projects and call centers an enjoyable and exceptional experience. These goals are achieved by two main elements:- Flat Organization:This is how Etisal International Company was built in the beginning. It will remain a flat organization adapted to the requirements of the market. Considering the fact that the structural form serves to accelerate operations and the level of communication between the various departments of the company to address challenges.- Systems and Technologies Readiness:Etisal International Company has an infrastructure of the highest communication, voice and digital technologies. They are supported by artificial intelligence systems developed within the company, in cooperation with leading international companies in the areas of digitization of the experience.These two elements along with the three constant values make Etisal International Company the best choice to manage the experience in the region.

Our Vision and Core Values


Our Vision

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Our Core Values

We take responsibility to improve the experience.
We strive for excellence; to exceed our aspirations.
We do not complicate things; we facilitate the experiment with a flexible team spirit.

Our Promises to Our Partners

An exceptional experience with all solutions and channels. Where Etisal International Company’s solutions and services are provided.
Growth in the base of customers and beneficiaries, which helps our partners to raise their revenues and expand the base of beneficiaries.
Real-time analytics based on accurate customer data, helps our partners make smart decisions.
Manage the experience with a single management of all audio, digital and other non-traditional channels.
We are here to answer your questions 24/7

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