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What services does etisal International offer?

Services and Solutions that  Manage and Improve the Uustomer Experience

etisal International Company offers a range of solutions and services that ensure effective management and improvement of customer experience. Those solutions and services make a positive difference for the customer, as it harnesses all its strengths (successes, experience and readiness) to achieve that. The process needs to put a clear goal, which is “finding appropriate solutions to all the challenges that must be solved and aspirations beyond”, through a variety of services and solutions according to the needs of our partners, including:

Our Solutions
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Call Center Management Solutions and Services

Etisal International Company provides a call center management service, under the supervision and management of Saudi experts. They are expert in addressing the challenges of the Saudi customer from all sectors and qualified with the highest international certificates. The call centers solve the difficulties faced by the customers directly. They control the customer’s image through traditional and non-traditional channels. The center will be responsible for exceptionally improving the experience on the various managed channels in cooperation with our partner. Etisal International Company provides its partners with an analysis of customer data, which helps them make sound decisions that serve the facility. It is also keen, through the center, to achieve the objectives of its partner’s facility and to contribute to its growth.
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Technical Support Department

Etisal International Company offers all technical support solutions for its customers, assuring the continuation of system functions as well as continuous verification and efficiency of all technical data.
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Customer Experience Governance Solutions

Etisal International Company offers a range of solutions based on customer data. These solutions contribute to the governance of customer experience and center operations mangment, as well as providing technical solutions and systems.
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Growth and Customer Experience Solutions

Etisal International Company offers many solutions that ensure the growth of its partner, help measure and improve the customer experience, which include the following:
Direct sales solutions and services.
Mystery shopper solutions and services.
Customer care services through direct selling (branches).
Customer satisfaction and experience surveys (in the field or over the phone).
Manage and analyze customer evaluations on all communication channels.